Honda Ruckus Custom Seat Cover RECARO Cheeky Seats

Honda Ruckus Green Recaro Zoomer Handmade Seat Cover


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Honda Ruckus Zoomer Accessories NPS50 Seat Cover, Purple Bride Gradation, Padded  Piping by Cheeky Seats

Center: Matte Black with Green RECARO Gradiant and Green stitching, with a padded center (no cross stitching)
Sides: matte black
NOTE ~ SEAT COVER ONLY ~ Does not include actual seat 

Handmade in Pennsylvania, USA

Our stunning green Recaro seat cover will look amazing on your Ruckus and is made by hand to order.  3 shades of green on beautiful matte black with green stitching around the edge.

This is a padded cover - in this case, there is a slab we sew in under the Recaro, known as a 'blind pad' meaning you don't see it - no tuck an roll stitching or ribbed look - but it's there!

Give your Ruckus a jewel like quality with one of our beautiful stitched seat covers.  We can do other colors, contact us for details.

No staples or tricky assembly is required with our seat covers. (You can staple the cover if you prefer) This is the kind of high end accessory your Ruckus deserves.