Honda Ruckus Honeycomb Hexagon Seat Cover by Cheeky Seats

Honda Ruckus Hexagon Honeycomb Seat Cover


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Honda Ruckus Zoomer Accessories NPS50 Seat Cover, Hexagon Stitching with Half Piping by Cheeky Seats

Center: Hexagon Stitched Matte Black, pick your own stitch color
Sides: Premium Matte Black, half piping pick your own piping color
NOTE ~ SEAT COVER ONLY ~ Does not include actual seat 

Please enter your stitch color and piping color in the notes box

Handmade in Pennsylvania, USA

Our beautiful hexagon honeycomb stitch seat cover will add a slick look to your custom build. Shown in our premium matte black with lime green stitching and half piping but you can choose another color combo! This is a great way to make your stock Ruckus seat look completely custom!

No staples or tricky assembly is required with our seat covers. (You can staple the cover if you prefer)