Rain Cover for Seat Vespa LX Sprint Primavera
Rain Cover for Seat Vespa LX Sprint Primavera
Rain Cover for Seat Vespa LX Sprint Primavera

Rain Cover for Seat Vespa LX Sprint Primavera


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Cheeky Seats RAIN, scooter seat rain cover, sun protector, Vespa Accessories

For all Vespa LX , LXV, ET, Sprint and Primavera scooter seats - Parking Rain Cover

Cheeky Seats RAIN is an "all elements" protective cover; preventing things like sun, snow, heat, rain, salt, dirt, and oil from getting to your scooter seat. We use the same materials found in professional mountain climbing and extreme hiking gear, where items need to be ultralight, high-tenacity, super compact and still perform under intense, rugged conditions flawlessly. This state of the art fabric is ultralight and incredibly abrasion resistant, and completely waterproof. 

We've made a simple lycra band to simply compress the rain cover when not in use, with a carabiner for easy storage anywhere on the bike, in your trunk, topcase, even clipped to the frame, ready whenever you need it!

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a riding seat cover. Cheeky Seats RAIN is intended to be used when your scooter is parked, to protect the seat from the elements until you are ready to ride again.. Remove the cover and store in your glovebox/trunk when riding.

Please note, for Vespa GTS, GTV and GT200 that is a larger rain cover which you can find here: VESPA GTS RAIN COVER

Customer Reviews

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Doesn't fit snuggly, but that's not really a big deal since it doesn't stay on to ride. Only complaint is that it doesn't really keep the seat from getting hot in the sun, so no shorts in the summer time on my scooter. Material seems to be durable and protects the seat from rain and dirt.


Super easy to use and store. Keeps seat dry and clean. Use it on a primavera Vespa.

Melissa B

I bought this to keep the dirt and moisture off my seat. A must have purchase!! I highly recommend this product.

Lory D

It’s great!

rexann H

Seems like a good cover but is a little expensive .

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